Survey Related to COVID-19 Mass Testing Facilities in UK

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The Validity Of The Test Is Important

The COVID tests are certainly valuable epidemiologicaltackles for assessing the prevalence of corona cases specially asymptomatic covid-19 cases to minimize the spread of the pandemic which has effected the people all over the world. The covid-19 tests have helped to control the pandemic in UK by identify the people who were infected with the virus. The Government has spent more than 3.5 million dollars to control COVID. The plans and procedures for COVID Testing UK have been developed for more accuracy and sensitivity of the test. The constant labors have resulted in serology test to figure out the antibodies in the blood plasma.

There are many tests available for the COVID but the validity of the test is important. The test results should be accurate and fast. Many problems are linked with the antibody tests from limited scale to potential issues. So, we need to make sure the authenticity of the results and make it available to public on a large scale.However, the major concern of covid-19 test is to find out the number of mass the virus has infected.

Contact Tracing- The Best Way To Control The Pandemic

Contact tracing is also a best way to control the pandemic through which the number of people connected to eachother by someways from last two weeks is identified further testing of these people can help quarantine and further prevalence can be avoided. Developers are trying to focus on the activities of public and proper tools and guidelines are provided to the public to make them learn about contact tracing its consequences on the pandemic.

Coronavirus: UK to ramp up coronavirus monitoring programme - BBC News

The safety measures and cleaning strategies have been improved, Sanitizing machines are available for public and masks are available everywhere for everyone. The staff which provides medical facilities is vaccinated and tested twice a week to avoid contamination and on site  sanitization and proper hand washing facilities are available for the staff as well as for the public.

The Situation Is Under Control Now

In the beginning of pandemic, UK has wriggled a lot to build diagnostic capacity but now the situation is under control now. Rapid testing is being used to identify the infected person on weekly basis. This is not on laboratory based but the service is available on workplaces too. It helps to find the people with asymptomatic infection and further spread is avoided. The supply issue that was faced earlier has been resolved now and testing kits are available on a large scale to fulfill the requirements. The decent model includes rapid test that looks for a viral protein or genome and conventional laboratory test. Ideally rapid tests are used for COVID test.