Standing Straight, or How You Can Improve Your Bad Posture

Standing Straight, or How You Can Improve Your Bad Posture
Since time immemorial, bad posture has been a problem, with people often encouraged to stand up straight and put their chest out. But bad posture isn’t only a result of bad habits; it is also caused by wrong sleeping positions, bad chairs, and the extensive use of hand-held gadgets. Constant staring down at our phone’s screen leads to problems that can affect us in the long run. The significant issues that arise from these bad postural movements are spinal problems, pain in various upper body regions, and lousy balance.

Bad posture consists of four different categories, including “forward head”, which is tilting the head in a forward direction; this posture disturbs the normal alignment of your body. “Kyphosis” or hunchback is the excessive curving of your cervical and thoracic spines. This results in shoulders being rounded forward. “Swayback”, is the tilting forward of your hip area or the pelvis, which results in an excessive curve of your lower back in an inward position. Last but not least, you could also develop “flat back” is the loss of normal curvature of your spinal cord which results in a forward stoop due to the flat straight back.

What Is The Perfect Posture?

There is no perfect posture described in books, but the most accurate posture is one in which you are in perfect alignment. Your shoulders and ears are in the right synchronization with your back. Head upright, not stooping forward. Back straight, but not like a soldier on duty, as that is also another postural problem, known as the Military-style Posture.

A proper alignment makes your body stand in a natural position that the muscles and joints are in harmony. This makes you less prone to sudden injuries.

Find what habits you could change.

A lot of your posture problems are curable with just some changes. As small as these may seem to you, add them up, and you will see how much they could help. If you experience back pain or neck pain while working, change your chair for a one that is more at your comfort. If you have the same pains after waking up, try changing your pillows in case of neck pain or the mattress in case of back pains. In case if you are having cervical pain from the constant use of your phone, it is most likely due to your neck position. Use the phone at eye level to lessen the stress on your neck.

Change the way you walk.

The wrong footwear and walking style can have a direct effect on your lower back and the spine overall. Instead of wearing high-heeled shoes on a daily basis, wear more comfortable shoes. Improper walking manner can also lead to foot problems that indirectly cause balance issues.

Go to a physiotherapist.

If you are experiencing frequent pains in your upper body or lower back, you may consult a physiotherapist as this can be due to some underlying spinal problem. The doctor will set you up for physiotherapy appointments as per your need. These sessions will ease up the pain from the root cause and relax the nerves being the cause.

Chiropractic solutions

If you have issues concerning your spine, you can visit a chiropractor. They make proper back adjustments for multiple spinal issues and sudden injuries caused by bad posture, sprains, or injuries caused by accidents. These sudden actions are referred to as spinal manipulations and are performed by trained professionals. Chiropractors nowadays also offer massage therapy alongside.

4 Ways to Improve Your Posture - wikiHow


If due to any cause it is now difficult for you to maintain proper postures at all times, you should take out time daily for some basic stretching exercises. You can focus on specific ones depending on the area that causes frequent problems. Like, you can do neck stretches for the spine. Your physiotherapist will also suggest multiple stretching exercises.


The stronger your core is, the better your posture is. If you think that your daily routine can not fit in a workout, you should definitely do one plank a day. A minute in the plank’s world seems like 10 minutes in reality! So no matter how much your day is busy, you can always fit plank in your routine.

Bad posture leads to pains and injuries that cause hindrance in daily work. This pain can easily become chronic and cause long-term problems in older age. Slouched positions make you seem less interested. Correct posture makes you appear more confident. So, stand up straight and tall and sit in your chair like a true boss!

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