Regular Health Tests & Screenings Women Must Undergo, Based on Age

Staying healthy, irrespective of age, isn’t difficult; it’s about being vigilant about the health signs. One aspect of vigilance is to undergo necessary screenings and health tests to determine any potential health problems early when they’re still treatable or can be managed with medicines. The screenings and tests vary as you age.

Once you start a health screening or test, you must take it periodically throughout your lifetime.

If You Are in the 20s and 30s

Pelvic Exam & Pap Smear

Irrespective of your sexual history, a woman aged 21 and above must take the Pap Smear at least once every three years. The Pap Smear test is used to diagnose cervical cancer. Your doctor may require you to take the Pap Smear test less frequently after three normal reports.

Women must also be tested regularly for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), mainly based on individual risk factors, such as family history.

Cholesterol Test

As a woman suppresses 20s, she must get a baseline screening for triglycerides and cholesterol levels if they belong to the risk category of coronary heart diseases.

According to the American Heart Association, the cholesterol tests for a healthy woman aged 20 must be done every four years. As you age, cholesterol screening becomes more frequent, as heart disease risk soars.

Blood Pressure Screening

Hypertension diagnosis is made if your blood pressure is frequently above the recommended level of 140/90. High blood pressure leads to a plethora of complications. If you don’t want to visit your doctor every time for blood pressure screening, you can do it from the comfort of your home using a BP monitor.

If You Are in the Age Group of 40 to 60 Years

Breast Cancer Screening

As you reach the 40s, your doctor will perform yearly breast exams. They’ll physically check both the beasts for any changes in the shape or shape, rashes, dimpling, or lumps. They’ll squeeze your breasts to see if there is nipple discharge, as it is a common breast tumor symptom. If the doctor discovers anything abnormal or you are into the high-risk category, they may recommend you to undergo the PCR master mix diagnostic test for breast cancer.

On the other hand, you should also be aware of how your breasts feel & look and report aunty changes to your physician.

Skin Checks

As per the American Cancer Society, around 3.3 million Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Early diagnosis is essential for effective treatment, so skin checkups after the 40s are crucial. Also, consult your doctor for suspicious moles.

Screenings Done by a Medical Professional is Based on Many Risk Factors; These Include:-

  • Fair skin.
  • Family history of skin cancer.
  • Significant sun exposure.

If You Are Above 65

Bone Density Test

Women aged 65 and older must be screened for osteoporosis twice or three in a year. If you had a bone fracture, you should undergo the bone density test after menopause.

You can also take this test if you are below the age of 65 if you have several bone fractures.

Hearing Test

The ability to hear is affected significantly with age. So, take the audiogram test to check your hearing at various pitches and intensity levels once a year.


In the end, don’t overlook your mental health too. If you’ve sleep troubles, lost sexual interest, sluggishness, or get easily irritated, contact a therapist for advice.

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