Protein Supplements: The Benefits of a Pre-Training Shake

Protein Supplements
Pre-training shakes, as the name suggests, are to be taken before a workout. Protein is essential for workouts as it helps to grow and to repair the muscles. The standard recommended daily allowance of protein intake for a person who does not necessarily participate in any exercise or does only light exercise is 0.8g/kg of body weight. Conversely, those that undergo more strenuous fitness routines need much more protein than is stated above to sustain muscle growth and recovery. For those that train more frequently, the recommended daily intake of protein is increased to 1.6g/kg of body weight. Certifying that you are taking the right amounts of protein to support your fitness levels, therefore, is paramount.

Protein shakes have become a popular method of sourcing much needed protein amounts both before and after a workout. Many protein powders offered on the shelves today contain between 25 and 30 grams of protein per scoop, which is a significant amount.

While the debate between believers that pre-workout protein shakes are better than post-workout shakes are still active and prevalent, many fitness enthusiasts are just as likely to reach for a pre-workout shake as they are to go for a post-workout one. Every point of view has a set of beliefs that shore up their arguments. Many have made the switch to having a protein shake before a workout.

You may be wondering what benefits have presented themselves to support such a movement. Let us explore what makes pre-training shakes a good selection.

Body Building Attributes

Protein is an essential macronutrient. Besides other nutrients, protein is a significant building block for cartilage, tissues, blood, muscle and skin. As a macronutrient, its building functions are only achieved when there is enough in the body to be effective. Unlike other macronutrients like carbohydrates and fats, however, the body does not have facilities for the storage of protein; therefore, your intake must be constant. It is the point where your pre-workout shake comes in. It provides a crucial supply of protein for active building processes.

Muscle Repair

It may seem counterproductive, but muscle breakdowns are part of the muscle-building process. Facilitating muscle growth, however, requires the repair of these muscles. Protein is needed to aid in these repairs, and proper amounts are essential to complete the process. Getting the right amounts is achieved by taking a healthy dose of protein through the intake of a pre-workout shake.

Health and Nutrition

Taking protein shakes before a workout serves a greater purpose than building bigger muscles. It is also an essential part of proper nutrition. You were constantly reminded to have balanced meals as a child, and that sentiment has not changed. Every nutrient is a vital one and plays a significant role in maintaining your health and well being. Supplemental protein forms can be in plant-based protein blends, protein isolate, or, most famous of all, Whey protein.

Effects on Metabolism

Once it has been ingested, protein takes more time and energy to break down than other nutrients. This requirement makes protein what is referred to as having a thermic food effect. It takes more calories to breakdown protein than it does for different foods. The more protein you have in your diet, the more your metabolism increases and the more satiety you will experience after your meals as it reduces the levels of the hunger hormones within your body.

The heightened metabolism has a reciprocal effect on the amounts of fat that you burn at a given time. This difference increases your overall calorie burn as you have a higher net calorie out result. Conservatively, you are likely to be able to burn between 80 to 100 more calories per day than if you were taking in less protein. Your workout will also reflect the high-calorie burn. Boosting your protein levels using a pre-training shake makes it more available for metabolism and calorie burn.

Blood Pressure Improvement

Your blood pressure is a typical measurement of the status of your internal components.  Having blood pressure that is too high is an indication of excessive force of blood against the artery walls. High blood pressure has many causes, the most prominent being stress and excessive weight brought about by more common sedentary lifestyles. The weight gain is aided by terrible food choices, emphasising nutrients that are better taken in small amounts. Taking more protein, both before a workout and in general, increases your calorie burn on average, which, in turn, lowers your blood pressure. More protein can also translate to fewer calories taken in, which leads to weight loss and lower blood pressure. The results are all the same.

A pre-workout protein shake helps give more energy output and give better results after the fact, which can go a long way towards regulating your blood pressure even in your more inactive periods.

There are many benefits of pre-training shakes. For example, we have protein products from  Ehp Labs, which offers an effective formula that helps you work towards your fitness goals with more energy and significant results afterwards. Your whole body will be a beneficiary of the outcomes that you will achieve.

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