No Need For a Ph.D.: Medical Careers for Non-Doctors

No Need For a Ph.D.: Medical Careers for Non-Doctors
When people think of working in the healthcare industry, they focus mainly on becoming a doctor. It is understandable considering they are the focus of most medical care. But not everyone can be a doctor and they can’t do everything.   There are other occupations available that allow people to participate in taking care of a medical patient that doesn’t need a doctor’s license. Here are some of them:

Registered Nurse

A job that is always high in demand is that of a nurse. Hospitals need more registered nurses than doctors most of the time and it can be a very grueling job. There are also specific specialties that a nurse can focus on. For example, nurse midwives are trained for the particular job of helping pregnant women. Their training allows them to deliver babies and help with various issues in childbirth. Other nurses can focus on fields like anesthesia or senior care. Training for basic nursing only requires a bachelor’s degree and that can be very achievable.

Dental Assistant

Another occupation in the healthcare industry that assists with the main work is that of the dental assistant. Their job covers a wide range of responsibilities. They might be scheduling appointments one minute, then being asked to process a patient’s x-rays next. This is not a simple job and dental assisting requires schooling or training so that the assistant would be able to perform their duties well. While some states don’t require formal training, it is much better to undergo an accredited program to get all the necessary basic skills.

Home Caregiver

Some healthcare specialists don’t even have to work in a clinic or a hospital. With the increasing number of senior citizens, as well as those experiencing disabling conditions, taking care of people in their homes is becoming an important concern. This is where home caregivers can come in to assist. The surprising thing about this job is that it usually requires little medical training.

If a person knows the basics of housekeeping, they should usually be fine. Additional training can come in if the patient’s doctor requires it. Generally, a high school diploma is all that caregiver will need to get the job.

Massage Therapist

Healthcare is also about additional treatments and therapies. It is not always about the latest medicines but also effective old ones. Massage is a great way to treat muscle pain and various issues. They are also an effective method to relieve stress and promote good health. Though massage may seem simple, it requires training to get the best results.

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There are various types of massages out there and having access to all of them. Massage therapists usually get hired in physical therapy clinics to help with rehabilitation and also in spas for help in general relaxation. Training should be easy to get and can be combined with other therapy skills to great effect.

Skincare Specialist

Many people care about their looks as much as their health. The best reflection of this is the popularity of skincare specialists. Many skin conditions need treatment ranging from eczema to acne. While most of them are cosmetic, no one likes feeling ugly. Skincare specialists evaluate a client’s skin and then recommend treatment options that will ensure that they will look their best.

This can range from mole removal to laser skin cleansing. Most skincare specialists open full clinics to treat their clients. While they are not technically doctors, they still undergo some rigorous training and need some state accreditation.


People perform best when they eat the right foods. This can be useful to many individuals, whether it is an athlete wanting to perform a bit better to someone who needs to lose some weight. Nutritionists can recommend diets and help develop food plans for stated goals. For example, those who want to gain muscle for competition might want an optimized diet to ensure they have all the proteins they need without it becoming unhealthy. While becoming a certified nutrition specialist can require an advanced degree, a bachelor’s degree is often enough in some states.

Jobs in the healthcare industry can be a challenge. But they can be worth the effort. A lot of these occupations provide important functions and can help many people with their aches and pains. The ones above are just a few of the more prominent ones. Even the maintenance staff in hospitals can contribute a lot to the care of others. Look into what is possible and don’t ignore the other pathways to a career in the healthcare industry.

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