Melabis: Cutting-Edge Medical Cannabis Research

Melabis: Cutting-Edge Medical Cannabis Research
In today’s world, many people label medical cannabis as a versatile type of medication. Many scientific researchers have suggested using CBD, a cannabis extract, in treating several medical conditions such as severe pain, depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and epilepsy mention a few. However, there has also been a big deal of skepticism surrounding medical cannabis. To substantiate facts and general beliefs, the first thing would be to question the source of scientific evidence to back up the medical benefits of cannabis.

The good thing is, such scientific evidence exists as there are series of scientific findings and research initiatives published in different reliable journals such as Melabis that give useful insights into the cultivation, extraction, and chemical composition of medical cannabis. According to Christian Ellul, an investor in the Melabis Medical Cannabis Ecosystem, they do not offer only a product, but a holistic approach into the ecosystem of medical cannabis that looks into its chemical composition to produce a specialized product. Rather than determining what source is reliable and which is not, this article provides you with cutting edge research into medical cannabis.

What is CBD?

CBD, the short form for cannabidiol, one of the many components of phytocannabinoids. Phyto means that the chemical originates from a plant; therefore, it is a natural product. CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant, but unlike its relative THC, which is also a component of phytocannabinoids, taking CBD does not lead to a ‘high effect.’ This is because CBD interacts with receptors in our bodies differently to bring a healing effect.

Another thing that comes to question during CBD discussion is another type of cannabis plant known as hemp. Note that most CBD products are extracted from hemp because the plant is known to have only a few THC traces (the cannabis component that results in the ‘high effect’) compared to CBD.


Cultivation of the cannabis plant is mainly based on the harvesting of its flower, which is beneficial to the cannabis consumer. The flower can be extracted to process several CBD products. Therefore, the cultivation process involves collecting cannabis seeds for future cultivation or use, such as processing CBD seed oils and harvesting the stalks and leaves to create biomass or biofuels.


There is a considerable need to create a sustainable world by getting rid of plastics and developing more eco-friendly solutions. Cannabis cultivation creates more by-products useful for creating biomass (the organic material for producing energy). Stalkpulps from newly harvested cannabis flowers can make bio-diesel and bio-ethanol leading to more eco-friendly energy use.


Extraction is necessary to create a CBD refined product for medical use. The extraction process involves identifying and isolating the specific desirable compounds from the cannabis flower to initiate the processing of CBD oils. Since the cannabis plant has 113 cannabinoids, the experts have to extract only the useful components, most importantly, CBD, which serves as the basis for cannabis medical products. For instance, CBD oil helps manage medical conditions such as epilepsy and other neuropsychiatric disorders.


With all that in mind, it is crucial to seek your doctor’s advice before using CBD products to prevent any unfavorable drug interactions that could occur if you are taking other prescription drugs or dietary supplements.

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