Is It Possible To Have a Pain Free Birth?

Is It Possible To Have a Pain Free Birth?
Even if you have never given birth before, you probably have read horror stories about how labor hurts. Of course, some pain accompanies childbirth because it is your body’s way of signaling that the little human being inside of you is about to come out.

However, most of the stories you read online and the movies you watch usually blow things out of proportion.

The human body is well suited to handle childbirth, and that assurance should make you feel like a rock star. It might hurt, but there many things you can do to ease the pain of labor.  It is all about preparing your body for the event and ensuring you aren’t consumed by fear and anxiety.

Is It Possible to Have a pain Free Birth?

The simple answer to this question is “yes.” There are many mothers out there who have experienced pain-free birth and are willing to share their stories. However, it is good to mention that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to have a pain free birth.

We are not making up anything or trying to be motivational speakers here. The truth is that pain-free birth is possible once you clear your mind of all the negative stories you hear about childbirth and focus on the other side of the spectrum.

We know you may not believe it. You may think we are just trying to get your attention but whatever we are saying is 100% true.  Here are some of the things you can do to achieve a pain-free birth:

1. Exercise

One of the biggest mistakes that expectant mothers commit is doing away with their exercise regime once they get pregnant. However, that should be the case. Research shows that if you exercise more, you will have a relatively shorter pushing phase of labor, leading to shorter labor and less pain.

Simple cardiovascular workouts such as biking, walking, and running can help maintain a healthy heart rate, release endorphins, and increase blood circulation. Being physically fit can also lead to fewer interventions during child delivery.

2. Practice Breathing Techniques and Visualization

Once you realize that you are pregnant, it is good to enroll in a HypnoBirthing course where you will learn different breathing techniques and visualization strategies to control pain during labor.

We know that this may sound like a hoax, but the truth is that it works. Your hypnobirthing tutor will take time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and guide you appropriately.

You will learn how to breathe in and out and how to visualize your internal organs to coordinate your body movement and breathing pattern to ease the pain.

3. Hire a Doula as Early as Possible

Even with the best medical care, there will still be a ton of other women giving birth at the same time as you. Therefore, having your own doula present is ideal.

Your doula will be critical to your natural birthing process since she will be there to encourage you and make sure you do everything right.

She will be by your side all the time and do everything to build your confidence and help you get rid of fear and anxiety. She will also guide your breathing and help you lie in a good position that won’t hurt.

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