Is C-Section The Right Option for Me?

Is C-Section The Right Option for Me?
Most top Gynecologist in Lahore would go for a vaginal delivery (SVD) unless she runs into an unexpected problem or the baby is not in the right position for vaginal birth. However, if your doctor has asked you to consider having a c-section, then you should do your research before deciding if it’s the best option for you:

C-Sections Can Be Life-Saving In Certain Scenarios

Vaginal births are safer in general than C-sections because the latter is a surgical procedure and as such carries the risks associated with any operative procedure, including infection and the chances of bleeding. However, in certain cases C-section is the safe choice. These include: if the position of the baby is not head first. For a breech baby, or if the baby is sideways, a c-section is a safer method of delivery in comparison to vaginal birth. Vaginal birth would not only be extremely painful but can also be unsafe for the baby.

C-section is also safer if the placenta is covering the external opening of the uterus or the cervix, i.e. the pathway through which the baby is supposed to deliver. The risk in such a case is of massive bleeding, and hence its safer to deliver the baby through the c-section.

If the baby’s heart rate is not normal, your healthcare provider may suggest that you go for an emergency c-section, as it could indicate the baby is in distress.

An emergency C-section would be performed if the mother is suffering from eclampsia and having seizures.

C-section can also be suggested by your doctor if there are other causes that make vaginal delivery unsafe for the mother or the baby.

If you have questions about the procedure, like your risk factors, your chances for severe risks, or the benefits of c-section over vaginal birth, make sure you ask your doctor about them before the procedure.

What Are The Effects Of A C-Section On Birth?

C-sections are generally safe, however, since they are a surgical procedure, they carry the same risk factors as any major surgery. In comparison to a vaginal birth, the recovery time is longer in a c-section, both in-hospital and after discharge. Moreover, the chances are higher of getting heavy bleeding, injury to other organs, including the ureter, infection and delayed wound healing.

The operative procedure also affects the baby. Babies who are born through c-section have higher chances of breathing difficulties and may need admission to the NICU, at least for a few days.

What Are The Effects Of C-Section Later In Life?

Each subsequent c-section is more difficult than the previous one. This is because of scar formation inside and around the uterus. If you want a large family, then talk out the risks of c-section versus vaginal delivery with your healthcare provider.

Additionally, there is risk of placenta previa in subsequent pregnancies, and increased chances of vaginal bleeding. Moreover, with each c-section, the option of vaginal birth in future decreases. These risks are best assessed by best Gynecologist in Lahore to guide you better.

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