How to Decide on a Rehab Clinic?

How to Decide on a Rehab Clinic?

With So Many Rehab Clinics Operating In England And Wales, How Do You Pick A Good One And Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Recovery Success?

Rehab clinics have long since suffered the worst kind of stigma. People assume that they are places reserved for the worst of society, for the addicts we should treat as modern day lepers. This is wrong and so far from the truth that it deserves to be addressed repeatedly until opinions start to change.

Judgement and Stigma Make Rehab Difficult

It is this stigma that makes decided to go to rehab so difficult. We don’t know how to tell people that’s where we are. We’d rather lie and say we were in France on holiday for a month or impress our friends by saying we are staying with a distant relative. We will go to great lengths to deny that our destination is the rehab clinic down the road. It is this stigma that makes many people travel to live on-site at a rehab clinic far from home.

Judgement and stigma affect our choice in rehab clinic and this isn’t always a good thing. Choosing the rehab clinic that takes you away from your problems is a great idea, but your problems will still be there when you come home. Instead, match your rehab clinic choice with the things you enjoy doing most. For example, if you want a high end experience on an affordable budget, try somewhere like Verve Health. Alternatively, if you want a rehab clinic that uses art therapy and creative work as an outlet, then search for that, instead. There are hundreds of options in the UK for rehab clinics that care.

How to Pick the Right Rehab Clinic for you?

How do you narrow down all those choices? Here are some expert tips that will help you make a wise decision.

1 – Choose Rehab Based on Hobbies and Interests

Choosing a rehab clinic which covers your hobbies and interests will give you the most chance at taking your mind off drink or drugs during your recovery. If you are doing something you love, the time will pass quickly and you’ll soon forget the cravings. It might be that you want a clinic that focuses on animals, which uses sports and competition, or that encourages you to recover using key therapy tools.

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2 – Ask the Right Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the rehab clinic before you attend it. Find out how many sessions of group and one-on-one therapy they will give you. Ask about meal plans and schedules for exercise. Find out how many staff they have and if there are emergency services available should you need them. Ask away and don’t be shy.

3 – The Free Consultation

Many rehab clinics offer a free consultation that allows you to ask all your questions without any commitment to go to their centre. Make use of these free consultations to find out what your options are and make the best choice. It could be as easy as a phone call but you may want to visit any potential residential rehab clinic before you agree to move in for a few weeks.

How Long to Stay in Rehab?

The typical stint in rehab is a 28 day period. You can stay if you must or check in for as little as a few days at a time.