How Exercise Can Help You To Relieve Joint Pain

How Exercise Can Help You To Relieve Joint Pain
We know how hard it is to exercise for people with swear joint pain. It can sound a little overwhelming for anyone to exercise if they are suffering from joint problems especially arthritis. But initially, any type of exercise will test your strength due to stiffness in the joints and muscles but the main reason one should workout is to increase their flexibility and strength.

To relieve joint pains, you don’t need to push yourself hard on the exercises that you should be doing such as pushing yourself for an extra lap in the swimming pool or adding more reps to exert more power aiming to recover and stay healthy. There are many ways to recover and work on joint pain with the help of mild exercise. We listed down 5 easy exercises that have a greater impact than doing hard exercises to relieve joint pain.

Aerobics Exercise

Aerobics exercise is a complete cardiovascular workout that impacts the whole body. The reason why we should choose it is that if you’re going through joint pain, it has a variety of exercises that are included in it which are more likely to be executable for anyone. Make sure to wear workout clothes while doing aerobics. Aerobics will help you in strengthening stamina and controlling energy as the workout gains momentum. A few exercises that are included are brisk walking, swimming, and cycling which can be on the indoor machine and elliptical machine. Usually aerobic have longer sessions of a workout than any other exercise.

It is better to consider your health status by some doctors to recommend doing a certain exercise will not have any internal damage due to overexertion or pressure. Make sure to be in the right attire for working out such as gym clothes and also keep a check on the stamina to know your progress. Relieving pain isn’t the only thing that one has to keep in mind in a regular workout. The main thing is to put the focus on the best exercise that has a mild but regular impact on the specific joint that you are focusing on, in aerobics.

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Range of Motion Exercise

Even though there is a vast range of exercises that has a huge impact on the joint’s stiffness and relieving pain. Doctors usually recommend such low-intensity works out in case of arthritis. Every joint has a different flexibility and needs individual exercise in case of any issue. Overall there are three types of range-of-motion or ROM exercises that are good enough to make sure that the joint has a good movement.

  • Active range-of-motion
  • Active assistive range-of-motion
  • Passive range-of-motion

Ankle & Foot

For ankle exercise, move the ankle from 0 to 35 degrees downwards and similarly upwards just like that. Then roll the foot inwards from 0 to 35 degrees and similarly outwards at 25 degrees to complete one rep.


Shoulder range of motion exercise involves flexion and extension and lateral and medial rotation from 90 to 180 degrees bend that is quite easy and can be easily done.

The purpose of this exercise is to activate the rotation of the joint so that it starts to heal the ligaments and muscles around it. All with the recommendations of the therapist or physician that will make sure the body lands at the right point.


In the case of a hip, a joint issue rotates the leg towards the inner side of the body at 45 degrees for stretching. Then do the lateral rotation away from the body at 45 degrees. Keep the momentum by doing this exercise back n forth. Stretch the upper part of the body for hyperextension beyond the normal range at 15 degrees in rotation method at all directions. Use the abduction from 0 to 45 and adduction from 0 to 45 degrees. Similarly, the flexion and extension methods are performed as well.

Never overdo workout

If you start feeling some kind of a pain in the joint right after exercise. Make sure to see a doctor immediately because that might be something that can be serious and damage the ligament. Do not add more reps or more exercises even if you might feel like you can without recommendations. Joints take more time for healing than the usual soft organs of the body.

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