Health Coach Bobby Chacko Discusses Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety in Stressful Times

Health Coach Bobby Chacko Discusses Natural Ways to Relieve Anxiety in Stressful Times

Bobby Chacko, a health and wellness coach recently discussed natural ways to relieve anxiety in times of stress.

The years 2020 and 2021 have not been easy. The coronavirus pandemic has left countless people in distress, financially, socially, and in a number of other ways. Stress and anxiety seem to be parts of daily life in modern times, but health and wellness enthusiast Bobby Chacko explained that doesn’t need to be the case. He recently offered several natural ways to relieve anxiety in times of stress and anxiety.

“Managing stressful situations is not easy, and many of us make situations worse by managing incorrectly,” Bobby Chacko said. “There are numerous ways to manage stress naturally, and understanding them fully can be the difference between extreme anxiety and peace.”

Bobby Chacko explained that one of the simplest ways to manage stress is to focus on what you’re putting in your body. A healthy diet is directly linked to overall wellness, including mental wellness. Becoming overwhelmed and eating unhealthy foods only worsens the situation. Bobby Chacko suggested that when you have a stressful week ahead, plan by fixing healthy meals ahead of time and keeping them in the fridge. This can save you from making unhealthy choices that only worsen your state of anxiety.

“Mindfulness is a term that gets thrown around a lot lately,” Bobby Chacko said. “But being mindful can greatly reduce your stress by helping you become present in the moment.”

Bobby Chacko explained that mental exercises like meditation and practicing mindfulness prevent stress from rearing its ugly head. Combining mindfulness with physical activity can be even more productive, as physical activity releases endorphins that improve the mood.

“Sleep is so much more important than many people think,” Bobby Chacko said. “Many Americans think that if they’re sleeping, they’re not being productive, and that’s the opposite of the truth.”

Bobby Chacko explained that sleep is essential to productivity and not having enough sleep can result in debilitating stress and anxiety. Stress often causes people to lose sleep and a lack of sleep can be a cause of stress. This results in a horrible cycle that causes the body and brain to become off track. Bobby Chacko recommends seven to eight hours of sleep per night and turning off your smartphone and TV to fall asleep more easily.

Finally, Bobby Chacko explained that taking a deep breath may seem simple and even ineffective, but it’s one of the top proven ways to relieve stress. Taking a full, deep breath allows more oxygen into your bloodstream, clearing the mind and centering the body.

“Stress doesn’t have to overwhelm your entire life,” Bobby Chacko said. “Taking just a few minutes to reassess during times of stress can make all the difference.”