Fun Lifestyle Is Leading Towards Alcohol Addiction

A fun night indulging in alcohol with family or friends every now and then sounds appealing. Who doesn’t enjoy a glass of wine with dinner whether it’s a date or a family dinner? But every time you face an obstacle or a tough point in life, you want some liquid courage. You are happy and got an achievement, it is time to celebrate; you again open a bottle. It’s a weekend no matter how hell of a headache you get in the morning that makes you swear off never to drink again, you still party out and of course alcohol is must. No matter what happens in your life either good or bad, once again you find yourself extending a hand towards the amber liquid for any excuse you might find.

Have you checked out a pattern here? You might want to deny it even strongly oppose it but my friend you have got an addiction of alcohol that is crippling you with every passing day. This is also called as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). You might be thinking if this is a case then it means everyone is alcohol addicted. Having a glass or tumbler once in a while doesn’t feed to addiction only if you are a heavy drinker then you are leading towards addiction. Heavy drinking means having at least 4 glasses if you are a woman and 5 glasses if you are a man.

What to Do If I Have an Addiction?

Well if you have tried to leave this habit and unable to do so and now you know you need a help then you must consider alcohol rehab. To most people, this word rehab feels like a whip. In our society, everyone would see others wasting away but if you bring rehab word, they would snicker or treat you like a piranha. But don’t worry, you have a bright future to look forward to. You must control your addiction so you need to join a rehab program.

What Is a Rehab Program?

It is a medical facility with expert doctors, nurses and psychologists that help people overcoming their addiction. Some rehab centers also offer residential facilities that would monitor 24 hours. These facilities are entirely different from what you see in a hospital. Here the air is friendlier and comforting. Sometimes it is best to give yourself a complete break from everything and stay there. It helps in recovering fast.

How Long Do I Need to Stay In Rehab?

It depends on the level of addiction. If you are in your initial stages then you will recover fast or even you might not have to stay there. But if your addiction is serious then it might take time. When you stop using the abusing substance, you get withdrawal symptoms like tremors or shivering. Sometimes it requires certain medicines to control it.

Make yourself strong and stop your addiction before it swallows you whole. Be the master of your universe.

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