E-Liquid and E-Juice Product In The Market

E-Liquid and E-Juice Product In The Market
E-liquid and e-juice products have ingredients such as the vegetable glycerine, water, natural or artificial flavouring, propylene glycol and the nicotine. It is used to fill the e-cigarette and vaporizers. It is available in various types and can even be customised according to personal needs.

Given the increasing trend towards e-commerce, the e-liquid users are increasing as it is considered to be less tobacco formulated and is the availability of various flavours in the market. E-liquid flavours include the cotton candy, bubble gum, coffee, chocolate and candy cane that are more commonly used by the youths. The adult preferred flavours include the menthol, beverages, sweets, nuts, seasoning, desserts and fruits.

The evolving consumer taste is increasing the users across the world, with tobacco, botanical and fruit flavours, that can be used discreetly. Flavours such as tiramisu and champagne are helping the market to grow significantly.

E-cigarette market sale is spiking up to the unique customised designs, colours, battery options, products of various shapes and sizes, smartphone case portable charging case and much more.  Supermarket and hypermarket in 2018 accounted for the largest revenue share across the globe for e-liquid market that offers the customers with bulk purchasing of the products. It has helped the growth of the hypermarket channel in the global e-liquid market.

Now online retailing is also emerging as the strong distribution channel for the e-liquid products and is expected to grow much steadily. It helps in the increase in the value of distribution channels. In addition to the vast availability online, vape shops are now opened for the consumers for sampling and purchase refill liquids with the combination of flavours chosen by the user and in various levels of nicotine. For instance, Innokin has the e-liquid for all the type of uses – from the humble beginner to the advanced user.

The flavours can be now customised and are now trending in the market. With the USB-recharging vapourising pen that comes as the starter kit, charging cable with flavour pods and syringe bottle for refills.

With the smokers shifting to e-cigarettes, the need for a high level of nicotine concentration products is high. The need for pods that come with more potent nicotine salt or nic-salt e-liquids are said to increase. Such products help to increase the peak concentration of nicotine in the blood and help them satisfy the craving. That’s the strategy to make the e-liquid the standard alternative to traditional cigarettes.

E-Liquid and E-Juice Product In The Market

Cost-effectiveness of the products is made affordable and is considered to be beneficial in the long-term when compared to traditional cigarette smoking. The disposable e-cigarette, rechargeable cartridge models and pre-filled cartridges are now affordable products in the market and fit everyone pocket.

Using nicotine salt e-liquid is the most popular trend in the vaping market worldwide. With the evolution of the vaping industry, technology and materials that are used to make vaping device are seen to be improving tremendously. It is sure to still have better growth in the market with an improved experience of the vapers that keep evolving and discovering better products based on customer needs.

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