Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL Discusses Lifestyle Changes to Reduce TMJ Disorder Pain

Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL Discusses Lifestyle Changes to Reduce TMJ Disorder Pain

TMJ Specialist Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL is Going to Offer Tips for Addressing TMJ Disorders.

Are you suffering from jaw pain, regular tension headaches, and other issues? If so, there’s a chance that you’re suffering from a TMJ disorder. Many millions of people suffer from problems with their temporomandibular joint. Fortunately, specialists like Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL, a leading TMJ expert in Florida, may be able to provide lasting pain relief. Now, Dr. Elliot is going to explain TMJ disorders and how they can be treated.

“The temporomandibular joint is where the mandible joins the bones of your face,” Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says. “The joint has cartilage, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. And just like any other joint, strain or injury can cause pain.”

Over the years, TMJ specialists have used a variety of methods to treat pain and TMJ disorders. Oral medications, massage treatment, jaw exercises, and various other types of treatment may provide relief. Now, experts like Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart in Florida are using muscle-blocking medications to relieve pain.

“There have been so many different TMJ treatments that it can be a bit overwhelming for patients and doctors alike,” Dr. Elliott says. “Muscle blocking medications, however, are emerging as a best practice, both reducing pain and increasing the functioning of your joints.”


While the right medications can reduce pain and help your temporomandibular joint heal, prevention is often the best medicine. Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL notes that many people realize they have a temporomandibular joint problem when they experience pain while chewing on gum or hard foods.

Constant chewing may wear your jaw joints out. If you like to snack on hard foods, you have to exert a lot of pressure. Over time, this could cause damage to your joints. Skipping the gum or reducing the amount of hard foods you eat may offer benefits for your jaw.

“If you have a TMJ disorder, you shouldn’t chew gum period. Nuts and similar hard foods should also be avoided,” Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says. “Even if you’re not suffering a TMJ issue, you should only chew on gum and eat harder foods on occasion, not every day.”

Another major problem is bruxism, or teeth grinding. Many people grind on their teeth at night and some also clench their jaw during the day. This can cause a TMJ disorder and other dental problems as well. It’s wise to wear a mouth guard at night and to speak with experts like Dr. Elliott about how you can reduce teeth grinding and clenching.

Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart Talks Botox and TMJ Disorders

Sometimes, lifestyle changes come too late. You may already be suffering from a TMJ disorder, which could make it difficult to talk, eat, and sleep. Fortunately, Botox has proven to be a very effective treatment for TMJ disorders and many other issues too.

“With Botox, it may be possible to shrink your jaw muscles a bit, which can relieve pressure. Botox can also reduce tension,” Dr. Paul Elliott Stuart FL says. “Many of my patients in Florida have successfully used Botox for TMJ disorder relief.”

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