Different Types Of Glass Droppers Bottles For CBD Oils?

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CBD tinctures can be stored safely in various kinds of glass dropper bottles. Bottles made of glass may be the best choice for CBD oils and tinctures since they provide several benefits such as an airtight seal, safe material and durable packaging.

Different Kinds Of Glass Dropper Bottles For CBD Oils

Glass dropper bottles come in different sizes ranging from 10 ml to 50 ml. These bottles are also available in various colors. These colors help keep your CBD oil safe from sunlight and artificial light which can degrade the active constituents of CBD oils. Another benefit of these colors is that they can help to instantly identify the kind of CBD oil that it contains.

Glass bottles often have droppers so that you can administer the exact dose. Since CBD oils can be powerful, you need only small doses to avail their health benefits. To help you conserve storage space, CBD oils have a fairly high concentration so that you can have more of the product in a small glass bottle. Thus only a few drops of the substance will suffice. The dropper helps you to administer the exact number of drops required. These droppers are very user-friendly and there is almost no risk of errors in dosage since these tools are so easy to use. This is important to avoid possible side-effects of overdosage.

The most common color for glass dropper bottles by far is amber. This is the color used for many other medications besides CBD oils. The dark color can help to keep out sunlight. You can keep your CBD oil glass dropper bottle in a dark area (like medicine cabinet) knowing that the dark amber color will minimize any light that seeps in through cracks around the edges of the cabinets. The dark color can help to prolong the efficacy of CBD oil by keeping it safe from light.

Child Resistant Dropper Bottles

CBD oil glass dropper bottles are also classified according to child resistant caps. Child resistant glass bottles may be mandated under your state laws for cannabis packaging. In order to comply with the rules in your area and to keep children safe, it is best to use child-resistant glass bottles.

Tamper evident caps are necessary for all kinds of medicines including CBD oils. These caps can help you to know if there if was any attempt to open the bottle. These caps are necessary for deterring attempts to take out the CBD oil and replacing it with a cheap substitute. Tamper evident caps provide assurance that the constituents of the bottle have remained unchanged since they left the place where they were packaged.

Quality Assurance

The use of glass dropper bottles can help with quality assurance. These bottles are highly durable and therefore have a low risk of breakage. Glass bottles are also highly impervious to air and moisture leakage from the environment which can possibly degrade the CBD oil constituents. Since glass bottles have such a tight seal, they can help to minimize product loss due to evaporation.

Branding Possibilities

In case you are worried that amber or some other dark color is not enough for branding, then you can attach customized stickers that carry your brand name and display important information. You may have to display important information on the bottle itself as mandated by your states CBD regulations. Besides information like liquid quantity and CBD content, you can also add branding elements. The branding elements that you choose to include are limited only by your imagination. These images and elements can help to convey your brand values and DNA to consumers. Thus you can change the humble amber glass bottle to an exciting looking CBD product by using your very own brand design.

Airtight And Leak Proof

A key advantage of glass bottles is that they are very strong and rigid. As almost everyone knows, glass is extremely rigid and thus highly resistant to any kind of warpage. This makes glass bottles particularly well-suited for medicines since their shape will remain relatively undistorted even with continued use over a protracted period of time. This minimizes the chances of the development of leaks that could lead to evaporation and product loss. Thus, glass is the ideal material for making highly impervious, airtight and durable bottles that are highly resilient to prolonged use. Thus, even after opening the bottle and using it multiple times, you can be certain the glass bottle is as airtight as it was when unopened.

High Safety

Another essential advantage of glass bottles over others is that it is relatively inert and therefore safe for liquids. Although plastic is used due to its low cost and light weight, it is not exactly food grade. There is a huge body of scientific literature which shows the harmful effects of plastics on human health. Plastics are carcinogenic and potent endocrine disruptors. As a result, you should try to avoid plastic as much as possible.

In particular you should avoid using plastic containers for storing liquids. Plastics leach into liquids that they come into contact with. Plastic bottles that hold liquids are obviously a great cause of concern since the liquid will dissolve small amounts of plastics. Instead of taking chances with your health and the health of your loved it is best avoid them altogether especially when a far safer alternative is available in the form of glass bottles. With glass dropper bottles, you can enjoy peace of mind rather than remaining paranoid about plastics lurking in your CBD oil.

Glass Dropper Bottles For CBD Oils

We can help you to stay compliant with state regulations for CBD oil and cannabis packaging. Our range of glass dropper bottles ensure a safe, effective and airtight packaging solution for your customers. Our glass dropper bottles can help you to ensure that your CBD product remains impervious to the effects of moisture, air and sunlight.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your CBD packaging requirements. We would be more than pleased to help you out and provide you with custom designed glass dropper bottles.

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