Cuff Link Shirt

Cuff Link Shirt
Cuff link shirt should be in the wardrobe of every self-respecting man. Such a shirt can be easily regarded as a business attribute: in combination with cufflinks, it perfectly emphasizes the taste and position of its owner. There is an unspoken correct style: the more expensive the cufflinks, the more expensive the shirt should be. In the online store you do not have to overpay, because we offer cuff link shirt in a wide range and at a very affordable price!

Only certain types of shirts with special sleeve lapels are suitable for cufflinks. The most popular cuff is Vienna. In this case, the cufflinks are simply fastened in place of the buttons. Such a cuff link shirt looks simple, stylish, great for everyday wear. But nothing will prevent you from wearing such a model for the holiday: especially if you have chosen a white or fitted cuff link shirt.

The second option also applies to universal socks – these are combined cuffs, which can be fastened at will with buttons and cufflinks. Such models are very convenient: if you are tired of cufflinks on a shirt, you can switch to buttons for a while, and then vice versa.

The third version of the shirt is “French”. Often such cuffs are called double: they are quite wide and consist of two layers. These shirts with cufflinks look very solemn. Therefore, they are recommended to wear them on a special occasion: anniversary, corporate event, wedding.

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Cuff link shirt from the online store this is an opportunity to easily find “your” model that you want to wear without taking off. All cuff link shirt is of high-quality cut, fit perfectly on the figure, do not stretch after washing. We tried to collect the most different shirts in our catalog: classic and casual, in bright and muted colors, with or without trim, for everyday wear and special occasions. And yet we are constantly updating the assortment in accordance with fashion trends so that you can easily choose and buy a cuff link shirt for absolutely any taste from us!

There are several strict rules that a man must follow when putting on a shirt with such cuffs. Cuff link shirt are always worn in combination with a strict men’s suit and tie. In no case should you wear them with jeans. In the cases listed above, the shirt should be white or light neutral colors. In other cases, the shirt should be combined with a suit, tie and cufflinks, organizing with them a single ensemble.

Choose and wear only what you really like! And we will arrange fast delivery.

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