Crucial Trends in the Field of Healthcare Technology

Crucial Trends in the Field of Healthcare Technology

Users Want More Information about Health Indicators 

One important trend in healthcare technology is that users want to see health info in real-time. It is not enough if a health tracking app can simply give them information such as blood pressure, heartbeat rate, number of steps, and distance covered. Users want their health tracking app to track their health indicators with the smallest amount of inaccuracy possible. They also want to see this information as readable data, be able to save health info, and compare their health info with the standards. Additionally, users would like their health tracking app to go a step further and give them advice for improving their health indicators if necessary.

The Internet of Medical Things Is Also Important

The Internet of Medical Things is another crucial trend in healthcare technology. Simply put, the Internet of Medical Things is an infrastructure that is connected involving medical devices, health systems and services, and software apps. There are more innovations in healthcare technology related to the Internet of Things.

One of these is inner soles that include a step tracker, pressure sensors, and a geolocation feature which can all prove useful for healthcare patients. Another one of these innovations is sticking plaster. This is capable of monitoring health indicators like body temperature, heart rate, and arterial pressure.

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Large Databases and Electronic Healthcare Activity

Electronic health records have existed in healthcare for some time, but using large databases to gain information on healthcare as a whole is a new trend. One example of this is when you gain information by collecting information from apps made for making medical appointments into a large database. From these apps, you can find out information such as how many doctors a typical patient visits and what weekday is busiest for patients making visits to their doctors. You can also gain some general information about the most common health issues for patients from these apps.

The Cloud Is Used More Frequently

Another trend that anyone going into healthcare, like someone attending accredited online MSN programs, needs to know is that the cloud is used even more often than in previous years. One survey even shows that more than 84% of organizations in healthcare utilize cloud technology. More and more healthcare companies are storing their data on the cloud. One reason that this trend is happening is that physicians can access information that is up-to-date with ease thanks to the cloud. Some companies do worry about security, but quite a few cloud-based solutions are now using better encryption to protect their data.

Patient Engagement in Healthcare Has Changed

The way that patients see healthcare has changed in recent years. Now, many patients see themselves as healthcare consumers. Patients are looking for technology such as patient-care portals and they want these portals to give them instant results, online appointment scheduling, and bill payment, and they want to be able to access their providers directly through these portals. This is simply part of the trend that patients want to become more active in engaging with their healthcare and want maximum convenience, as well.

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