Common ENT Disorders Treated by Singapore Otolaryngologists

Common ENT Disorders Treated by Singapore Otolaryngologists
For all kinds of illness, it is normal to consult the family doctor first to assess the condition and, if necessary, will refer you to some specialist. However, if you have problems with your ear, nose, and throat that seem a bit unusual and if you experience pain, then you can directly go to an ENT specialist at Also known as Otolaryngologist, the ENT specialists exclusively treat various diseases and conditions related to the facial region and in some way connected to the ear, nose, or throat. Interestingly, Otolaryngologists treat certain conditions of the head and neck too.

You must consult an ENT specialist if you face any of these conditions.

Ear Problems

If you experience any problem with your ear, you must consult an ENT specialist. Any ear disorder like fluid oozing from the ear, ear pain, hearing impairment, ear infections, and problems in maintaining body balance or a continuous ringing sound in the ear (tinnitus), only an ENT specialist can diagnose the problem and start treatment.   Even those with congenital ear problems must consult an ENT specialist. Regardless of the magnitude of the problem

Nose Problems

Since the ear, nose, and throat form a trio with deep connections with one another, whenever you have any problems with your nose or suffer from some nasal condition that affects your health, the ENT specialist is the go-to person. Whether the problem is with your nasal cavity, any part of the nose and sinuses located around your eyes and the forehead, only the ENT specialist can treat the condition. They have specialized knowledge about the ear, nose, and throat and undergo special training for conducting surgeries if need be. Do not neglect nose problems because it can impair your smelling and tasting abilities, and nasal deformity is often a cause of breathing distress and affect your physical appearance.

Throat Problems

If you suffer from tonsillitis or some other problems with swallowing, eating, speaking, and even experience digestion problems, it requires specialized treatment that only ENT specialists can offer.   The doctor will first listen to your problem, conduct a physical examination of your throat, and advise some tests to diagnose the problem and unearth the root cause. It should help to create a treatment plan that can cure the condition. The Otolaryngologists can treat problems of the voice box and the esophagus or the upper-aero digestive tract.

 Head and Neck Problems

The head and neck are in proximity to the ear, nose, and throat, so there is some underlying connection between them. The training undergone by ENT specialists includes management of tumors, diseases, deformities, and trauma of the head and neck, and face. Like plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons, ENT specialists can undertake head and neck surgical procedures as part of reconstructive surgery.

If you have neurological problems in the neck and head that affect your ability to smell and hear and even impact your facial movements, then it is an ideal case for consulting an ENT specialist.

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