CBD Oil For Cats: A Help In Their Appetite

If you’re a pet-owner, most likely the parent of a feline, you’ve probably known that when it comes to food, they can be mischievous. They will either please you to give them or steal when you’re not in a glance (literally!)

However, they can be picky, despite their urge to eat. While it is natural, it is best to note a shift in your cats, such as weight loss and health difficulties. Also, if they are still giving picky insights about meals and continuously refusing to get a meal for themselves, start observing because they might pose appetite problems.

Furthermore, it can be worrisome if you see differences in your cat’s eating habits; it might lead you to think the worst! Worrying is indeed normal. However, the decline in your kitty’s health will never be normal and thus needed a solution! Since as a feline-owner, the top priority should be their health so that they can live long in your lifetime.

And one of the things you should worry about is when they continuously show losing appetite because it might be a problem.


Though cats can be tough to interpret because they behave almost as usual, you have to observe the possible signs that might have arisen in your pet.

  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Constant Refusing
  • Vomiting
  • Weight loss
  • Change in Behavior

What Causes Loss In Appetite?

There can be plenty of factors, it may just be they don’t like the food, or it is a severe problem.

One of the common reasons why cats are losing appetite is because of illnesses. Illnesses may pose discomfort and a problem within the tract in your cat’s body system, making your kitty lose interest in eating. Or probably they’ve been stressed, and it induces them not to be happy with eating.

May it be a small or a large reason, see what you can do.

How To Address It?

The best thing to do is visit a veterinarian to address your cat’s appetite issues as soon as you’ve noticed a difference in your feline’s eating habits. But if it continuously occurs, it is best to give your cat CBD Oil. Although prescription medications may be beneficial and acknowledged, still in order to prevent adverse reactions, it is better to give your cats an organic one. CBD Oil for cats is one of the latter (read more).

What Is CBD?

While Cannabidiol has been widely incorporated and stereotyped in marijuana, studies have shown that Cannabidiol is a different component that does not give its users an intoxication or euphoric ‘high’ feeling. As long as it does not contain anything more than 0.3% THC, it is safe and sound.

As it has evolved enormously as a product that gives tremendously beneficial effects proven to be effective in providing favorable results for its consumers’ general well-being, scientists have also shown that this is an appropriate solution for the well-being of your pet.

How Does It Work In Cats?

Simultaneously, humans or mammals happened to have the same system, namely endocannabinoid. This system is responsible for overseeing the vertebrate central nervous system and peripheral nervous system that regularly functions to regulate and balance homeostasis. CBD mainly affects the body system’s activities to control many processes to have it work well.

  • Immune response
  • Metabolism
  • Appetite
  • Memory


Therefore, it will lead to an increase in stimulating your feline’s appetite by using CBD, as described above. In using one for your kitty, it is best to start with a CBD with low-potency until you gauge the right potency that will satisfy your cat’s nutritional needs. Since you can find this product in various types, here’s a brief guide for you.

  • Isolate

It contains CBD alone, as it speaks its name isolate. Hence, the Cannabidiol was extracted to make it in the form of oil.

  • Full-Spectrum

This type of CBD in the market refers to all of the cannabinoids in one product. It thus includes CBD, THC, Terpenes, etc.

  • Broad-Spectrum

It refers to the natural cannabinoids being presented in one form of CBD product. However, the presence of THC is not included in the list of cannabinoids.

After knowing these types, it is best to go for a broad-spectrum kind of CBD. Since THC is omitted, it will give the best promising results from CBD alone, and the other cannabinoids present that will provide additional nutritional impacts to your cat’s well-being. It will deliver efficient outcomes that will address your feline’s appetite issues while making them feel healthy at the same time.

To put it plainly in words, CBD works better when combined with other cannabidiols rather than alone. It gives the commonly known entourage effects.

It isn’t much of a surprise anymore that CBD has paved its way to the market. However, there should be some things to keep in mind using CBD for your cats because the priority should be their health. This thus includes the factors you must foresee to be assured.

  • US Grown Hemp-plant
  • Laboratory Tested (Third Party)
  • 0.3% THC Content
  • All-natural and organic
  • Reputable Brand (check the reviews, it’s a must!!)


Your cats are just as important as anything, so have them as one of your priorities. Not only are they the cutest pet you can have, but also their presence in your life is a lot more beneficial than you could ever imagine. Cats are one way to enjoy your life to the fullest, whether you’re alone or with your loved ones. They are not just a mere pet, but a family in your household as well. See more here: https://www.helpguide.org/articles/healthy-living/joys-of-owning-a-cat.htm.

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