Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements

Benefits of Taking Collagen Supplements
Collagen is the most important protein produced in our bodies. It is found in our skin, teeth, bones, muscles and even our colon.

Not only that it makes us look young and healthy, but collagen also helps with the natural skin glow, our hair and nails. Collagen is directly responsible for our muscle flexibility and elasticity of the skin. That’s why it is widely added in skin care products and other cosmetics.

Our natural production of collagen reduces even before the age of 30. That’s when the skin becomes prone to lines and our muscles lose flexibility.

How Can We Help Collagen Production Ourselves?

There are actions that we can take to prevent the collagen reduction in our system.

First and foremost is avoiding the direct sunlight which isn’t the most appealing in fact. Balanced diet can also help with collagen levels as it is found in most everyday groceries like chicken, eggs, citrus fruits, berries and most nuts.

Regular exercise is also something that helps with the skin elasticity, but when it comes to collagen production the best thing would be motivating our body to keep producing this protein in abundance on our own. That is where collagen supplements come in handy.

The Best Collagen Supplement

Malinca ( is an online shop specialized in skin care products and other supplements that help reverse the aging process. It is all about the confidence and feeling good in your skin. Your collagen rich skin preferably, that is.

Collagen supplements that we produce don’t contain collagen itself because our products are protein free. Instead, our most popular product Collagen UP ( contains all the supplements that help your body in collagen production on its own.

Collagen UP is a vegan product that contains no sugars and added flavours.

It is a gluten and lactose free supplement suitable for both men and women.

Collagen UP for The Inner Beauty

This special blend that comes in a package of 60 capsules was inspired purely by nature.

Collagen Up contains:

  • pure vitamin c extracted from rosehip
  • green tea extract
  • bamboo extract
  • most important amino acids
  • wheat ceramides
Vitamin c (1) is considered to be very important in collagen production and that’s why we added its most natural form to our product. Because it contains green tea extract (2) it is not recommended to take the supplement in the evening as it can keep you awake. Bamboo tree is considered to be one of the firmest trees in nature because it contains as much as 70% silicon. We added bamboo extract (3) to our product because it does wonders for the firmness and elasticity to our skin. Three amino acids (4) that are considered to be the most important for collagen in our body are glycine, proline and lysine and can also be found in Collagen UP. Wheat ceramides or Ceramosides (5) make a significant advantage of Collagen UP because the ceramosides are also found in our skin.

If you’re looking to level up your Collagen production the natural way, look no further. Simply add Collagen UP to your cart and enjoy the benefits it brings to your vitality and health in general.

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