Be My Ear: Affordable Online Mental Healthcare for All

Be My Ear: Affordable Online Mental Healthcare for All
 Be My Ear

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression or addiction on this challenging time of COVID 19 pandemic? Worry no more be my ear is here to fulfill your needs without judging you. To make it better we are just everywhere on your phone or laptop. Be my ear is an online mental healthcare solution that is here to connect all those in need of quality mental support for themselves, friends, or family.

We’re creating an online business to provide simple, affordable, mental healthcare support exclusively online, starting at $0

In a year 5% of the population in the United States (43.8 million people) experience mental health problems. What happens now that there is a new normal for everyone due to blow that the COVID 19 pandemic has caused? We have to change strategies on how we deal with mental health issues. Be My Ear is embracing the new normal and bringing you mental healthcare practitioners to your hand. You talk and we listen. We are your companion.

Why Be My Ear

  • It creates a chance to eliminate stigmatization to those who are experiencing mental health problems.
  • There is full protection of client confidentiality.
  • It offers free service you pay only when you need specific services and the amount paid is affordable.
  • Our services are readily available and your mental health issue is addressed the same day or hour after accessing our site.
  • No subscriptions plans are required. After signing up you link up with your healthcare personal.
  • No patronizing questionnaires.
  • Is very simple to access your help is right there in your phone just a text or a call away.

Our clients

Mental health Problems has no boundaries. It affects all. The old and young, female and male, blacks and whites. Therefore run from it no more.

Be My ear is meant for family and friends with loved ones affected by mental healthcare problems directly or indirectly.

Those struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, stress, addiction, and any other mental health issues.

One that wants to better his or her mental health.

How to reach us

Visit our website to create your account. It takes a few minutes.

By creating an account one can access our database of highly qualified volunteers and licensed professionals.

You can see and chat immediately or book in advance all this depends on your preference and the nature of your services.

Be My Ear has various communication channels for example use of SMS, video chats and voice calls.

Our client safety

The app has the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which is audited routinely to ensure the privacy of every customer is in place all the time.

Be My Ear a source of inspiration.

We as Be My Ear we are encouraging our clientele to watch out for our mental health care and help one another who is going through any of mental health struggles.

Let’s join hands together and try as much as we can to stop things such as mental breakdowns like social injustice.

We are the home effective listening and immediate responsiveness to all without biasness.


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