Are Bad Habits A Hurdle In Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle?

Are Bad Habits A Hurdle In Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle?
A healthy lifestyle allows you to avoid many serious pathologies, which is why it is so important to adhere to it. Proper nutrition and regular physical activity will relieve obesity, protect against problems with the heart and blood vessels, thereby prolonging the human life cycle.

However, there are bad habits that should be eliminated in order to improve your health and give your body a great shape. Whenever somebody congratulates you on any of your achievements or your big days. Its because everyone knows that health is the most important value in life. It cannot be acquired for any benefit, but it can be constantly improved and strengthened, protected and developed.

The Influence Of Bad Habits On The Body

Many factors affect health, such as good nutrition, personal hygiene, proper hardening, physical activity and, of course, the complete absence of bad habits.

Alcohol, tobacco and drugs destroy not only the body, but also the inner world of a person, make him a hostage of habit, deprive him of the most important and valuable thing that can be – happiness, because it is impossible without good health and a positive outlook on life.

Everyone should understand that bad habits are the cause of many diseases. They reduce working capacity, shorten life expectancy, negatively affect the health of future children, cause both physical and psychological dependence. When abstaining from nicotine or alcohol, there is a feeling that something is missing.

A sharp need wakes up to rush to the store and buy the desired pack of cigarettes or alcohol. But often people who suffer from a harmful habit do not even know how harmful it is to their body. Although there are cases when a person realizes what danger he is exposing himself, and, as a result, he breaks up with his habit.

Improper Nutrition

Nutrition is necessary for a person for the normal functioning of his organs and systems. But often, when seduced by various dishes, we forget that we need food in order to live. And as a result of this, we begin to live in order to eat.

The pleasure of eating can be compared to the feeling of previous bad habits. But most often, harmful products drag a person into a gastronomic addiction, which results in obesity, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the thyroid gland and internal organs. It is very difficult to cope with excess weight later, when fatty deposits are not only in the subcutaneous layers, but also envelop the internal organs.


The most common bad habit on the planet. Cigarettes add up quickly and become the cause of many problems in the future. Smokers often suffer from dental pathologies, as tobacco smoke destroys enamel.

The respiratory system, however, takes the most damage. Nicotine and other toxic substances are deposited in the lungs, causing serious illness. Also, smokers significantly increase the risk of developing malignant tumours. Naturally, a healthy lifestyle is in no way compatible with smoking.

Sleep Disorders

If a person sleeps less than 7 hours, then there can be no talk of any healthy lifestyle. Sleep is the most important component in a healthy lifestyle, so it should not be neglected. Regular lack of sleep harms hormones and the absorption of beneficial trace elements.

In addition, if there is a goal to lose weight, then it is extremely important to sleep 7-8 hours a day so that growth hormone is actively produced, because fat burning processes occur at night. Also, young people like to watch movies until late, listen to music, chat on social networks or relax in nightclubs. Because of this, they go to bed at a different time each time.

Are Bad Habits A Hurdle In Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle?

It is important to train yourself to get ready for sleep at the same interval in order to maintain a biorhythm. It is best to fall asleep at 22:00 to wake up at 06:00, because it is early in the morning that maximum productivity appears.


Another obvious problem that often leads to addiction. Alcohol abuse leads to human degradation, causes dangerous diseases of the heart, vascular system, gastrointestinal tract. A healthy lifestyle requires adherence to the correct regimen in the form of eating healthy foods, regular physical activity.

Of course, alcohol doesn’t fit that pattern. Many people argue that one glass of red wine a day is good for the body, but it is better to completely eliminate alcohol-containing drinks from your life. If you can’t make it happen then its better to take professional help.

Low Activity or Inactivity

In the age of modern technology, many people have spent a long time at a computer or smartphone since childhood. Office workers sit in a static position for 8-9 hours a day, which cannot but affect the state of the body. It is not surprising that spinal diseases are getting younger.

To avoid serious health problems, it is important to increase your physical activity and reduce the time you sit in a chair. Even in the office at work, you can do simple exercises every hour for 10 minutes to relieve congestion and relax your back. There is always something interesting on the Internet, so you quickly get used to a sedentary lifestyle, and this is extremely dangerous.

Eating Disorders

Sugar, like alcohol cigarettes, is addictive. If you regularly eat sweets, then it will be difficult to refuse them. At the same time, eating sweet, starchy or fast-food leads to insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel disease.

If it’s hard without sweets, then it is better to replace cookies, waffles and cakes with berries, fruits, real dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. To avoid a high surge of insulin, you can add a handful of nuts to such a dessert.

Eliminating industrial sweets, burgers and pizzas altogether will improve health. In addition, after the first week with proper nutrition, sugar dependence will noticeably decrease, so you should give up the habit of eating harmful goodies.

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