All You Want To Know About Disposable Vapes

All You Want To Know About Disposable Vapes
As a secondary option, disposable vapes are convenient especially when you are on a holiday or in a place where you just want to relax completely. During this time it is best to choose disposable vapes like geek bar, Beco mate, elf bar, Mylo GO and IVG Bar. They are available in various flavours.

What are Disposable Vapes?

A compact device, disposable vapes are pre-charged and pre-filled and ready to use right out o the box. They are convenient on the go and can be disposed of easily when finished.

You can use it as a backup device and are just fantastic as a backup device. You can pop it up easily in your bag and be assured that you can get hundreds of puffs without the need to carry e-liquid or charging.


Disposable kits are available in the form of small kits, making them perfect while travelling.
Mylo GO is the smallest device with a super simple design and is only 62 mm in height and is light in weight. The design is really simple which make it super discreet.

With a sleek design, the geek bar is sturdy. Sometimes even with a small fall, it does not show any sign of damage. Studies have proved that it can be stored in any form in the bag.

The Beco Mate is similar to other devices and can be kept in the bag easily. Some people have stated that they have thrown it just in the bag and the cap in it prevents the mouthpiece from collecting all the fluff.

IVO bar has a solid exterior mouthpiece and has many disposables and the colour of the device matches with the flavour.

The Elf Bar devices have a rubberised finish and offer some extra grip. The colour of the rubberised finish matches with the flavour adding a nice pop of colour. The body of this device is cylindrical and closely resembles a cigarette.

Which to Buy?

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E-cigarettes can be had easily from a general practitioner. By reading the flavour it depends entirely on you to decide whether to buy geek bars or to buy elf bars or other bars.

Choice of Flavours

Geek bars and elf bars stand out from the rest of the bars when it comes to the variety of flavours. Elf bars offer 17 flavours and geek bars offer 16 flavours. Hence, you are sure to get the flavour of your choice.

The range of elf bars includes some delicious fruit medleys like kiwi passionfruit guava and apple peach. It also offers some great options with a sweet tooth like cotton candy, strawberry ice cream, etc.

Geek bar has ‘ice’ options giving a refreshingly cool finish. It has some interesting flavours like blueberry sour raspberry and blueberry bubble gum.

There are 10 flavour options in the IVG Bar and makes a great mix both with and without a menthol finish. They have some fruity flavours like the exotic blend of aloe grape ice and mango lychee.

Beco Mate is available in 8 flavours and they have opted for single flavour options like strawberry, apple and banana ice. They do not have any adventurous mix as we can get in others.
Lastly, Mylo GO have 4 flavours and is in the smallest range. They are kept simple with the staple flavour of tobacco and menthol and does not contain mixed flavour.