All you need to know about zFORT™ from VisionDirect

All you need to know about zFORT™ from VisionDirect
Extended exposure to computer or phone screens can make you lose your eye health as these screens are known for the emission of harmful rays. These rays can affect your eyes even when you are in the sun for a longer period of time. These rays damage your eyes and can cause eye strain. Obviously, you can’t avoid using your phones, desktops, or even going out in the sun. However, all you can do is protect your eyes by using some protective eyeglasses or sunglasses. You can choose to go for zFORT™ blue light blockers and Blue light filtering glasses that are the two most effective things that you can use to prevent your eyes from being damaged by these harmful rays.

Some information about blue light

Scientifically proven, sunlight is made of various colors, including orange, red, yellow, blue, and green light rays and each color has its own wavelength and energy level. Blue light, however, has much shorter wavelengths ranging from 380nm and 500nm.  So, when these rays have a wavelength of almost 415nm and 455nm, they are proven to be extremely harmful to the eyes. They get easily penetrated through the retina of your eyes and affect their health and cause much strain.

How beneficial or harmful are the blue light rays?

How beneficial or harmful are the blue light rays

Blue light rays come with both benefits and negatives, which you must know to protect your eyes.  As far as the benefits of the blue light are concerned, it has been known that some exposure is needed to keep your eyes working properly. It greatly improves your memory, elevates your mood, positively regulates your sleep cycle, and helps maintain the healthy eye development of children and adults.

And when we talk about the negative effects of these blue light rays, they come as an open threat to your eyes as they greatly damage your eye’s retina and make you feel irritated at the eyes while seeing around. The clear vision of the eye gets prevented, and all you get from it is the eye burden and strain that is not healthy at all.  Any such damage to your eye can lead you to severe mental and physical health problems.

Considering both the harmful and beneficial effects of the blue light rays, we get to know that it all starts with your eye health. Hence, it is important to keep your eyes protected from any such harmful rays and keep them as healthy as possible to enjoy a much detailed and clear vision.

What is zFORT™?

zFORT™ is an advanced blue light block technology recently introduced by VisionDirect. This technology is potent in blocking any harmful rays from reaching your eyes and maintaining great eye health. All the harmful rays with wavelengths ranging from 380 to 500 nm get blocked by it, and their chances of affecting your eyes diminish completely.

We suggest you go for some blue light blocking glasses so that you can enjoy using your screen for a much longer period of time. zFORT™ is very useful in this regard. It comes forward to introduce some easy ways to turn your regular pair of glasses into blue light protection glasses.

This is a good option to opt for if you want your vision to be clear ad more detailed even after using your screen for an extended period of time.

Why should you Buy zFORT™ powered eyeglasses?

Below are some most important reasons why we prefer to choose zFORT™, and we offer you to consider them too so that you can get attracted to this newly introduced advanced technology.

  1. Glare reduction

zFORT™ is effective in reducing the glare produced by the screen of your computer or mobile phone that harms your eye.

  1. Reduces Eyestrain

Obviously, when you get exposed to the blue light rays for a longer period of time, you get unbearable eye strain. However, when you use this zFORT™, the eye strain is greatly reduced, and you can enjoy playing games or doing the work on the screens for an extended time without any irritation.

  1. Improves Sleep pattern

zFORT™ is useful as it also improves your sleep pattern that gets disturbed by the continuous eye strain caused by the extended exposure to blue light rays.

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