Alcohol And Professional Work

Alcohol And Professional Work
Alcoholism affects representatives of absolutely all professions, it is destructive in all industries. Treatment of alcoholism is often started too late, when the alcohol addict has already experienced serious harm to health and disastrous consequences at work.

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An Alcoholic At Work

Alcohol has a destructive effect on the performance of life and professional tasks. These include:

  • deterioration of well-being and conduct in such roles as being: employee, associate, boss, manager, company owner, student;
  • leaving work, being late, reducing physical and mental performance and fitness, financial losses;
  • constant neglect of professional duties, complete loss of meaning in work, stagnation of personal and professional development.

Work + Stress = Fatigue = Alcohol

Alcohol is often used to relax and unwind after a long day. Of course, employees in the workplace may be exposed to stressful situations resulting from various reasons: insufficient organization of working time, improper division of professional duties, work overload or its monotony, inadequate relationships with co-workers or superiors. In order to get rid of stress and tension, and soothe their troubled nerves, employees use alcohol. Or, you may have the illusion that alcohol increases performance, restores energy, or inspiration.

Drinking by employees can be very costly for the employer, and can lead to accidents at the workplace and to dire situations. Alcohol causes a lack of concentration and coordination at work, mood changes and a lack of employee motivation.

Employee alcoholism is a huge financial burden for institutions. Companies spend many billions of zlotys annually related to complications caused by alcohol abuse by employees. This includes:

  • absenteeism,
  • health complications,
  • accidents at work,
  • other performance losses.

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Alcoholism and Work – Consequences in Everyday Life

A person addicted to alcohol is less and less involved in work, he is looking for an opportunity to drink, he is unpredictable. First, employers make sure that the person performs less responsible tasks, then the supervisor moves him to a lower position, and finally dismisses him from work, unable to tolerate another unjustified absence or irresponsible behavior.

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It is worth remembering that the alcoholic almost never sees an alcohol problem. The defenses of alcoholism are to blame for this, and they change the addict’s way of thinking and feeling. The alcoholic drinks disruptively despite the losses and evidence that drinking is destroying his life.

The addicted person lives in a world of his own illusions, he is convinced that the consequences of alcohol abuse are not as serious as presented by family members or colleagues at work.