Addiction: 5 Signs to Identify Someone Is Suffering from it

Addiction: 5 Signs to Identify Someone Is Suffering from it
Recognizing an addiction problem in someone can be even harder than you might ever imagine. Addiction is defined as a chronic disease that might affect the brain’s reward, motivation and memory functions. According to the professionals of Serenity Addiction center, when a person suffers addiction he might show some abnormal signs and if any kind of unusual signs are noticed in an individual suddenly, then he or she must be immediately taken for counseling sessions.

Five General Signs to Identify Someone Is Suffering from Addiction

There might be different signs that can help determine that a person is suffering from addiction. The intensity of each sign will depend on the time period the addiction has been going on, but the general signs of addiction are as follows:

  • Cravings: When a person gets addicted to a substance, he or she will have lack of control or will be unable to stay away from that substance for long. The person will have intense urges for the drugs and these urges can be thought of as the conscious or unconscious experiences of wanting to use the drugs.
  • Isolation: If you ever notice that someone close to you is avoiding you as well as others and has decreased overall socialization, like not caring about commitments and ignoring relationships, then become sure that they are suffering addiction. When a person gets addiction to a substance, he or she tends to live in a world of their own and does not care about anyone else. Some reasons for this may include increased depression, anxiety or paranoia.
  • Poor judgment: A person having addiction problems often ignores risk factors as they are mostly out of their minds and are unaware of the consequences that might be brought by their different activities. Hence, it is often seen that individuals are investing huge amounts in gambling and losing their assets just because they wanted to obtain more.
  • Withdrawal symptoms: When a person wants to reduce intake of substances or wants to get rid of the addiction abruptly, withdrawal is created by the drugs. This presence of withdrawal symptoms indicates that the person is getting more dependent physiologically on a substance.
  • Financial trouble: Individuals addicted to substances might spend large and unexplained amounts of money, almost drain their bank accounts, sell their valuable assets and even go outside their budget in order to get their substances. This kind of behavior can be a major red flag for addiction and might also have horrible consequences. Some surveys revealed that each year about 48% of individuals with substance disorder or addiction problems drain all their savings from bank accounts and 42% sell their assets for cash.
So, if you ever notice any of these signs in your near ones, become sure that he or she is suffering from addiction. Seek the help of the best professional therapist and medical practitioner so that your beloved person can get rid of all her addiction problems with the help of Steps+ Home detox care programs alongside medical treatments, psychotherapy and regular counseling sessions.

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