5 Bestselling Gnc Pre Workout Supplements That Should Be On Your Radar

5 Bestselling Gnc Pre Workout Supplements That Should Be On Your Radar
Pre workout supplements have become an integral part of the fitness world. They are known for their amazing results and that’s why more and more people are consuming them. When combined with other supplements like whey protein or whey protein isolate, pre workout supplements work very well.

Including pre workout supplements in your fitness routine will be greatly helpful if you’re looking to accomplish your fitness goals and want to give your workouts that extra push. There are so many kinds of pre workout supplements available that choosing one can be slightly difficult. GNC Pre Workout is one of the top formulas and is bestselling in India.

Given below are the 5 bestselling GNC pre workout supplements that you should definitely check-out.

GNC Beyond Raw LIT – clinically dosed pre-workout

GNC Beyond Raw LIT is one of GNC’s best pre workout supplement. It is a clinically dosed pre workout supplement that helps increase focus and intensity. Each serving provides 1.5 g of micronized creatine, 250 mg of caffeine, and 3 g of citrulline to provide pump and nitric oxide support.

It is available in 2 delicious flavors – fruit punch and blue raspberry. It is a gluten free and sugar free formula. You can also consume it on non-workout days for best results. The main benefits are – reduces delayed onset of muscle soreness for a faster recovery and improves energy and mental alertness.

GNC Pro Performance AMP Gold Series Ultra Rush

GNC Pro Performance AMP gold Series Ultra Rush is one of the most popular GNC pre workout formula. It is a highly concentrated and effective pre workout supplement for better energy and performance. The special Power & Performance matrix promotes muscle strength and endurance especially during high intensity workouts.

It is available in 3 variants – blueberry, watermelon, and fruit punch. The main benefits of GNC Pro Performance AMP gold Series Ultra Rush are – boosts energy and improves mental focus to achieve  optimal performance, improves strength and endurance, reduces muscle soreness to help you sustain through your workouts. For best results mix 1 scoop with 300 ml cold water and consume as a pre workout supplement 30 minutes before your workout.


If you’re looking for an affordable and effective GNC pre workout supplement then do check out GNC PMD BCAA powder. It is formulated with 2 powerful ingredients –

HICA (alpha – hydroxyisocaproic acid) to support lean muscle mass, help you train harder, and helps reduce muscle soreness between workouts

KIC (Alpha ketoisocaproate) which helps in muscle cells recovery, increases muscle strength, and reduces muscle damage during workouts

It delivers BCAAs in the ratio 2:1:1 and is available in a delicious lemonade flavor. You can have it before workout, as an intra workout supplement, or post workout. For best results mix 1 scoop with 250 ml cold water and have 30 minutes before your workout.

GNC Pro Performance RapidDrive BCAA 5000

Next on the list of 5 bestselling GNC pre workout supplements is GNC Pro Performance RapidDrive BCAA 5000. It is the most advanced RapidDrive amino acid technology. The BCAAs have been pasteurized from large molecules into smaller particles so that they are faster to absorb and deliver fast fuel for a powerful performance. It supports muscle protein synthesis, reduces protein breakdown, and stimulates muscle glycogen stores.

This GNC BCAA formula provides 5000 mg of micronized BCAA to enhance anabolic support. It has the perfect ratio of 3:1:1 of leucine, isoleucine, and valine and has the fastest delivery of rapid absorbing BCAAs. The body uses the essential amino acids provided by GNC Pro Performance RapidDrive BCAA to maintain and rapidly replenish BCAA stores.

GNC Beyond Raw Precision BCAA – Anabolic Recovery and Power Output

GNC Beyond Raw Precision BCAA is one of the bestselling GNC BCAA formulas. It is a concentrated branched chain amino acid complex that’s designed to provide the body extra push to enhance power output and support muscle repair after intense workouts.

It is available in 2 variants – tropical punch and blue rasp lemon. Each serving delivers 10 g BCAA including 5 g of leucine to fuel skeletal muscles and push you through your workouts. The citrus fruit extract maximizes peak power output and important electrolytes, magnesium, and calcium help support hydration to further improve your athletic performance. It is enriched with natural plant flavanoids which provide a healthy inflammatory support.

You can buy complete range of GNC BCAA and GNC Pre workout supplements on www.guardian.in. Make sure to consult your doctor before including any new supplements or protein powder in your diet to avoid any allergic reactions and side effects.

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