10 Solutions For A Brighter Smile.

10 Solutions For A Brighter Smile.
Your smile is always your first and sometimes your only impression so you should make it the very best it can be! Maybe you have discolored or crooked teeth or perhaps even something more serious that needs attention. Whatever the case, the highly trained & certified dental team at Corpus Christi Orthodontics has some solutions that can possibly help bring back your beautiful, radiant smile.

Teeth Whitening

Over time our teeth tend to lose their luster. Whitening your teeth is a quick inexpensive way improve your smile. You can ask you dentist for a whitening or you can usually purchase some at you local pharmacy.


Usually a person will wear metal, plastic or ceramic brackets on their teeth for a period of time then followed up with a retainer to keep the teeth in their new position.


This solution is basically the same as braces but is made from a transparent material.


Made from a mold, veneers can be used to cover a patients chipped teeth or bring back a bright, natural look to worn and yellowing teeth.

Veneers are usually made of porcelain or plastic and fixed to the teeth.

Gum Surgery

If you’re one of the millions of unfortunate victims of gum disease, often times help is available. A good oral surgeon can reform the gums by using tissue from other areas of the mouth (usually the patients palate)


This procedure is quick & painless! Adding bonding to your smile can usually be done at your dentist’s office. The bonding is a material that matches the tooth’s color and will harden in cracks, gaps and small cavities.

Dental Crowns

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A crown goes over a patients tooth, its purpose is to give a tooth structure or sometimes used to cover a worn or discolored tooth.


Dental implants is a fairly major surgery and a surgeon will need to use some form of anesthesia however, it can be a more permanent option for a patient who wants to add or replace their teeth.

A metal post is first embedded in the gums of a patient as a secure anchor. A crown tooth is then fixed directly on top of the post. The end-result is a real-looking tooth that is secured in a person’s mouth and part of their brand new smile

Simple Daily Maintenance

The very best thing you can do to insure you have a Great smile and less dental problems as you get older is very simple …. Brush and floss Everyday!

Regular Scheduled Cleanings

Make sure you get on a six month cleaning schedule with your dentist. This is super-important for your dental health.

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